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Summit Insights
Nov, 23

Highlights from the 2023 FocusCFO All-Hands Meeting


Embracing Our Core Values

At FocusCFO, we hold our core values close: continuous learning, being a sherpa, passion, excellent communication, and coachability. These values define who we are and how we approach our roles as Fractional CFOs. We recently had our annual all-hands meeting, and it was a remarkable display of these core values in action.

Relationships Are the Cornerstone

The event kicked off on Thursday evening with a Casino Night, setting the stage for team building. It was an opportunity for our team to reconnect with familiar faces and make new acquaintances. Our team approach is the cornerstone of our work, and this evening is a meaningful part of nurturing these connections.



Learning Together

On the following day, we gathered for company updates and welcomed our keynote speaker, Brian Beaulieu from ITR Economics. His entertaining and insightful update on the economy reinforced the significance of continuous learning. In a world where change is constant, staying informed is imperative.

The afternoon sessions were an embodiment of our commitment to learning and being coachable. Associates could choose from a variety of breakout sessions:

  • CFO Deep Dive on Unsolicited Offers and Acquisitions led by our own Brian Ford, Scott Davis, Russell Cooper, and Jeff Semple.
  • Jason Garfagna from ITR Economics led us to a deeper understanding of business cycle forecasting and leading indicator analysis
  • Steve Rosvold from CFO.University shed light on the pivotal role of CFOs in crafting and managing the data roadmap for our clients.



Celebrating Our Associates

The annual meeting concluded with the presentation of two significant awards. The Sherpa Awards recognized the associates who have played a pivotal role in leading clients to successful exits this year, while the Core Value Awards celebrated those associates who live and breathe our core values every day, reinforcing the importance of being a guiding light for our clients.

Sherpa Award Winners - For Leading a Client to a Successful Exit

  • Bob Palmerton
  • Jim Zins
  • Lynnette Zody
  • Michael Windisch

Core Value Award Winners - For Exemplifying Our Core Values

Our all-hands meeting was a reminder of the strength of our community and the power of our core values. We left the event feeling inspired, connected, and ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Do these values resonate with you? Are you interested in joining our team? Reach out today to learn more!