• Accounting Systems
  • Cash Flow Processes
  • Advisor Coordination
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Production & Operations
  • Banking & Capital
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Revenue
  • Operating Rhythm
  • Succession or Exit Planning
  • Readiness & Attractiveness
  • Price/Multiple

Partners in Impact

It takes a community of professional advisors, working collaboratively, to help owners of small & mid-sized companies build valuable businesses and to assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition.

To know clients deeply and be a reliable connector to the resources they need

For our Sherpa teams, this is core to our mission and values. We invest our time into developing strong relationships with other advisors, in order to connect our clients to the resources they need for their businesses to thrive and grow. 

Do you share our vision for a community of trusted advisors committed to the economic growth of businesses in your area? If so, let’s be intentional about getting to know each other and building a Partner Community together.

Local Communities

In each community in which we operate, our local Area Presidents and CFOs seek to build a vibrant, trusted, and collaborative community of abundance-minded professionals who share our commitment to placing client success first. To find a Sherpa team in your region, please visit Our Team. 

Multi-Region Partners

Like FocusCFO, a number of partner organizations operate across multiple regions or nationally. While these relationships often start at the firm level, successful relationships develop on the local level: fostered by the willingness and effort made by the respective local teams working together to build their individual communities.  

Community Members

We seek to develop multi-disciplinary Partner Communities with: Bankers (business/ commercial), wealth advisors, other fractional executives, business/ organizational coaches, CPAs, bookkeepers & accountants, attorneys, estate & tax planners, CEPAs and other exit planners, valuation experts, M&A advisors, business brokers, insurance advisors, HR & benefits consultants, sales & marketing, IT consultants, and more.

“Our impact doubles when we partner with trusted advisors who share our commitment to the economic growth of our communities.” 

Peter Geise, FocusCFO Area President, Akron, OH

Our collaborative approach to helping you and your clients

We work to help you address your client’s unique financial needs from a CFO perspective. Our goal is to enhance and support the work being done by trusted advisors to improve client outcomes, like enhanced operations, better cash flow, and increased revenue.


We like to think of ourselves as a person on the inside – embedded in the leadership team and keeping the transformative work needed to build value at the forefront.


Our fractional CFOs complement your work by matching the business strategy with the numbers, charting a path forward. Learn more about our execution methodology here »


Our team of CFOs and Area Presidents share a commitment to putting clients’ interests first, earning trust, and building long-term relationships. Our average engagement with a client is 5+ years.

“I recommend that all of my business leaders do these four things: 
  1. Join a peer group
  2. Hire a coach or guide
  3. Implement a business operating system like Pinnacle or EOS
  4. Hire a CFO, fractional or full-time
These will take your business further faster.  I guarantee it because I have seen it.”
Russ Sorrells, Pinnacle Implementer, Leadership Team Guide, Serial Entrepreneur

Do you know of a business that could benefit from having a fractional CFO embedded on their on their team?


Financial freedom starts with a simple conversation.

Let’s start with a conversation about your challenges and vision to see if we are a fit for each other.
A complimentary half-day assessment: A CFO will sit down with you to explore further, assess fit and need, and chart a path forward.
Let's get to work: your CFO will work closely with you and your team to set priorities, deliverables, and execute the plan.
Reach new heights⁠—with a trusted guide at your side, climbing to greater health, growth, and value.