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Mission, Vision & Values

We Help You Climb the Mountain

We give business owners financial control over their businesses and the freedom to change their lives. As a leading fractional CFO company in the U.S., we are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their business and financial goals.

About FocusCFO


Helping Entrepreneurs on Their Climb to Sustainable, Transferable Business Value

Sustainable, transferable business value IS Your Mountain!

Sherpas Guiding You as you Climb The Mountain

An entrepreneur’s journey can be very rewarding - but it can also be challenging and, at times, lonely. Very few people understand how challenging it is to successfully start, run, and grow a business. But you don’t need to climb alone

Our Sherpa Teams have been there - former entrepreneurs and financial leaders ourselves – and are ready to support you with compassionate, personalized support and guidance on your climb.


We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their business and financial goals.

Values are the foundation of an organization and its culture. At FocusCFO, these five values are core to everything we do. Each member of the FocusCFO team strives to do their best to live up to each of these five values and to personally identify areas for growth and self-improvement.



Makes an impact
Success driven
Respects the entrepreneur

Continuous Learner

Continuous Learner

Invests in self-improvement
Always reading
Expands horizons



Team player
Follows proven process
Confidently humble

Excellent Communicator

Excellent Communicator

Seeks first to understand
Asks great questions
Actively listens



Experienced teacher and guide
Shares best practices

Our Why: A Note from Our Founder

Small & mid-sized businesses are the heart of America's economy, creating 2 out of every 3 jobs. They are the economic growth engine of our communities. As such, we have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the entrepreneurs who start and run these businesses. They are “all in” and we love their stories, and their passion.

The challenge... We have seen, first hand, what it costs businesses not to have a good CFO.

We have met too many business owners who put everything they have into trying to grow their business — mentally, physically, and financially — and then got stuck. It is heartbreaking to think about these entrepreneurs, who have nearly all their personal net worth tied up in their business, and ultimately are never able to achieve their retirement or legacy goals because they didn’t have anyone doing financial planning and strategy for their business. We see it all the time, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just as we use financial planners in our personal lives to help us with our financial plans, business owners need a CFO, who develops the financial plan for their business. Every business, regardless of its size, needs an internal financial plan/roadmap and someone internally who understands the ins and outs of the business to quarterback that plan. That person is your CFO — either a full-time employee or a fractional CFO. But they must be a true CFO — not your controller or your outside tax accountant. A CFO can provide forward-looking financial strategy and help entrepreneurs understand the difference between net income (what the accountants focus on) and cash flow (what CFOs focus on, as do investors and buyers). 

Without this guidance, businesses either run out of money or fail to grow their value. A CFO guides businesses on the climb to sustainable, transferrable value. Businesses with real value provide owners with real options. 

This is Our Why!
Brad Martyn, Founder | FocusCFO

"The passion that we bring to the table is really what sets us apart: passion for the entrepreneur, passion for the small business, passion for giving those individuals the tools they need to run their business successfully."
Brad Martyn, Founder

What Makes Us Unique - What truly differentiates FocusCFO as a leader in the Fractional CFO profession?


FocusCFO financial professionals embed themselves in the companies they serve. We don’t think of ourselves as an outsourced CFO company, our associates become part of the leadership team as its CFO, learning the business inside and out and working alongside ownership and management to not just design strategies for growth but to play an active role in driving the business forward.

C-Level Experience

Our people have been in the trenches. We have spent decades in the C-suite and started our own ventures. We know what it's like to put payroll on our personal credit cards. We know the pain our clients feel, and we want to help. This makes us uniquely positioned to provide CFO services and strategic business coaching.

To join the FocusCFO team, candidates must have both the requisite depth of experience AND share our passion and values.

Team Approach

At FocusCFO, we approach our work as a team.

Clients don't just get access to one designated CFO. They benefit from a combined service team of a CFO and an Area President, and the collective wisdom and continual collaboration amongst our 130+ professionals.

CFOs and Area Presidents joining FocusCFO benefit from the insight and perspective of their fellow associates across the country — a pool of resources to collaborate with.


What makes FocusCFO special & unique?

What is FocusCFO?

How we make an impact

Why Choose FocusCFO?

Kristyn Butler, CEO of Ability Matters

Brownie Points

Lisa King, President

Core Values

2022 Awards

Brad Martyn

Founder, FocusCFO
"It's really hard to run a small business and we have tremendous respect for individuals who have their financial security at risk to start a business because they have a dream."

Brad Martyn

Founder, FocusCFO

Lisa King

Founder of Brownie Points
"If you’re struggling with how you can take your organization to a different level, a quality CFO is essential as you evaluate what you’re doing and planning what you need to do."

Lisa King

Founder of Brownie Points

Kyle Quillen

Founder & CEO of Agile Networks
"I think there comes a time in every business when the entrepreneur realizes that they are spending a lot of time doing things that are not core to what they do."

Kyle Quillen

Founder & CEO of Agile Networks

"I think there comes a time in every business when the entrepreneur realizes that they are spending a lot of time doing things that are not core to what they do.

It's at that point that I think it is the right time to engage a consultant like FocusCFO. You're at the point where you're probably not ready to spend the money on a full time CFO, but your existing accounting staff don't have the experience to take you to the next level."

Kristen Butler

CEO of Ability Matters
"Everyone we have met in FocusCFO has truly had the same vision and mission of helping businesses, helping individuals, and helping lives. I think that is what makes them stand apart from other business or consulting firms."

Kristen Butler

CEO of Ability Matters

We Believe in the Potential of Each Client

Embedded into the business’s leadership team, we are more than an outsourced CFO: we take the time to get to know their values, understand their challenges, and celebrate their success. This trust creates the building blocks for a bespoke financial strategy: a roadmap for the climb to sustainable, transferable business value.


Financial freedom starts with a simple conversation.

Let’s start with a conversation about your challenges and vision to see if we are a fit for each other.
A complimentary half-day assessment: A CFO will sit down with you to explore further, assess fit and need, and chart a path forward.
Let's get to work: your CFO will work closely with you and your team to set priorities, deliverables, and execute the plan.
Reach new heights⁠—with a trusted guide at your side, climbing to greater health, growth, and value.