• Accounting Systems
  • Cash Flow Processes
  • Advisor Coordination
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Production & Operations
  • Banking & Capital
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Revenue
  • Operating Rhythm
  • Succession or Exit Planning
  • Readiness & Attractiveness
  • Price/Multiple

Russell Cooper

  • CFO
  • Northeast Ohio

Russell has more than 35 years of diverse business experience, beginning in accounting and operations, expanding into marketing and services, and culminating with general management roles. He has worked in several industries, including polymers, commercial refrigeration equipment, engineering services, consumer products, recycling, and specialized equipment for infectious waste. During the last 13 years, he has worked exclusively with early stage and entrepreneurial firms, focusing on growth initiatives, budgeting and planning, and securing critical resources.

Before FocusCFO

Prior to FocusCFO, Russell had been hands-on busy helping small enterprises remain viable through the uncertainties of Covid in 2020-2022. He did so with Non-Profits in Cleveland, where he sits on two boards, as well as with three small industrial/service firms, owned by former employees and customers. He also volunteered his time at The Music Settlement/Bop Stop, helping keep doors open for live jazz in the Cleveland area.

    Other Interests

    • What is your favorite way to spend time? At live music events – especially jazz clubs.
    • What is your favorite vacation? Southern Spain and its rich history
    • What are you passionate about? All aspects of life-long learning

What attracted you
to FocusCFO?

A friend once said that you should learn during your first third of life, do during the next third, then teach and give during the last third. At this stage of my career, FocusCFO is a perfect platform from which I can help others achieve their dreams.

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