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Summit Insights
Jun, 20

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By Mitch Willis

Explore the Value of your Business

As a business owner…
1. Do you know how much you need for retirement?
2. How much of that is from the equity in your business?
3. Does your business story (profitability, balance sheet, human capital, customer/product base, organization structure) justify your expected business transition proceeds?

Try the following fill-in PDF calculator and see where you stand. Is the “multiplier” you are assuming reasonable for your industry.

Contact FocusCFO to discuss how we can help you maximize your company’s “Multiplier” and EBITDA…and be prepared for when life happens.

CONTACT and request EBITDA Fillable Calculator.

Business Owners Questionnaire 2020-02

A fill-in PDF which highlights the topics (concerns and opportunities) presented in the 25 takeaways in 50 minutes panel presented in February 2020. Find out where your organization is from the CEO’s perspective. This will let you know what questions you need to ask of your leadership team and your professional advisors.

CONTACT and request Business Owners Questionnaire 2020-02.

Cash Flow Forecasting Model

An Excel template for preparing an ongoing 13 to 26 week, week-by-week, cash flow to plan for all cash requirements. Reconciles to operating line of credit. Includes capital expenditure budgeting and shareholder withdrawals. Your banker will appreciate your understanding of cash which will eliminate those last minute pleas for help…because you plan ahead and know what your needs will be.

CONTACT and request Cash Flow Forecasting Model.

Personal Financial Planning

The following resources are more related to personal financial planning, for specific life events many business owners face. Although these tools typically do not find their way into the business environment, CEO’s and their leadership teams have welcomed anything that can be done to ease the stress of financial planning, for these costly life events. Users will find that they organize the financial aspects of the respective topics in addition to forcing multi-generational conversations within the family on topics that are hard to discuss. Enjoy!

Planning a Wedding?

You can’t put a price on love but it sure is nice if everyone is on the same page when it comes to how the wedding is to be paid for! This simple to use Excel template will help the bride and groom and parents get through the conversation of who, what and how much…down to the cost per minute!

CONTACT and request Wedding Worksheet.

Financing a College Education

Parents have a responsibility to be sure their children do not accumulate debt that they cannot afford to pay back in a reasonable amount of time post-graduation. This Excel template guides the student through the college selection process and answers the question of “what will the monthly payment be of unfunded college expenses at graduation?”

CONTACT and request College Financing Worksheet.