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Summit Insights
Jun, 17

Jeff Lacy – Amplify the Value of Your Business Through Trust, Rea CPA Unsuitable Podcast


When someone like Jeff Lacy says that the single most important aspect a business owner should remember when it comes to creating, and then sustaining, business value is to start with the end in mind, you listen – and for good reason. As a former business owner with “more than 30 years in business development, building and leading sales and operations teams and identifying the most critical gaps slowing sales growth and implementing the strategies,” Jeff now serves as an area president for FocusCFO, an Ohio-based professional CFO services practice. These days he works to help others grow and sustain their businesses. This week on episode 42 of unsuitable on Rea Radio, Jeff joins Mark to talk why a business’s true value matters and what business owners can do to maximize that value. Complete with real-world examples and words of warning – this episode is certain to be valuable to listeners in all stages of their entrepreneurial careers.

Listen to Jeff Lacy in this episode of Unsuitable on Rea Radio, a podcast from Rea & Associates.