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Summit Insights
Jun, 23

8 Reasons You Should Consider a CFO


The best time to start working with a fractional CFO? Probably when you started your business. Fortunately, the second-best time is right now.

Area President Lesli Matukaitis and Fractional CFO Bob Palmerton guest star in this special episode of ProConcepts.  A fractional CFO guides business leaders through the complexities of operating a company, and helps companies run without the owner being constantly present. 

Lesli and Bob join Mike to talk about the value that fractional CFOs bring to a business. From getting your time back to developing data-driven solutions, Mike breaks it all down in his Top 8 list, check it out!



The ProConcepts podcast is hosted by PCIA (Professional Concepts Insurance Agency). PCIA provides specialized insurance products and customized risk management services for architects, engineers, environmental engineers, CPAs, financial professionals, lawyers and more. Since 1988, PCIA has been dedicated to helping these industry organizations address their professional liability, employee benefits, property & casualty and other needs.