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Summit Insights

Celebrating 5 Years with Mark Vernallis


We're taking a moment to celebrate a major milestone for one of our key leaders, Mark Vernallis, who is marking his fifth year as Pittsburgh Area President with FocusCFO. We had the pleasure of speaking with Mark to reflect on his journey, his achievements, and his vision for the future.

Mark's journey with FocusCFO began shortly after meeting founder Brad Martyn - and Mark became one of the first team members outside of Ohio!

Impact and Culture at FocusCFO

When asked about his most memorable accomplishments, Mark's thoughts are centered on the impact he's made on clients. "I am proud that in the last five years, I have had opportunities to help companies improve and lower the stress for clients," said Mark. "In general, it's great to create valuable, lasting improvements like getting the right bank or professional on the team."

Describing FocusCFO's company culture, Mark emphasized our leadership style and exceptional ethics. "This is truly a culture based upon merit and fairness," Mark stated.

Lessons Learned In 5 Years as an Area President

Reflecting on the lessons learned during his tenure, Mark draws a metaphor from nature: "As much as I would like, you cannot make trees grow faster. Ours is a process of patience and perseverance to achieve success." This wisdom emphasizes our commitment to helping set organizations up for long-term success through fractional CFO services, with the goal of helping them achieve sustainable, transferable business value.

Hopes for the Future of FocusCFO

Looking forward, Mark aspires to establish FocusCFO as the 'go-to' organization for fractional CFO services in the Pittsburgh region.

As we celebrate Mark's fifth anniversary with FocusCFO, we are not just honoring his past contributions, but also looking forward to his ongoing influence and leadership. Here's to many more years of growth and success with Mark!