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Jan, 20

Fractional CFO Services Company Expands in Metro Detroit


DETROIT, MI − Oct. 1, 2019 − FocusCFO, which provides fractional CFO Services to small and medium-sized business, is pleased to announce it has expanded its geographic footprint in the Metro Detroit market.

Since 2001, FocusCFO has been helping small to medium sized businesses manage three key areas: cash flow, business risk and scalable growth, resulting in increased value in the business. They do this on a fractional basis, meaning clients get all the advantages of a full-time CFO on terms that are flexible and affordable, working exclusively onsite at the client’s office under a recurring schedule that fits within their budget. Typically, engagements are one to two days per week, but can vary.

“Many business owners have so much on their plate, they find it hard to look strategically into their financial future,” said Focus CFO’s Jeff Farrington, who is the former Chair of Tax for the Michigan House of Representatives. “Because we are able to immerse ourselves as part of the team, we really get the advantage of clarity when identifying areas to improve their financial stability. We then stay with them as much as is necessary to ensure their new roadmap is effectively executed,” he added.

FocusCFO carefully selects one of its highly experienced CFOs and insources him/her as a member of the company’s team. During the first several months, the FocusCFO team works with the business owner to create a financial roadmap. The CFO then works as part of the company’s internal management team in all aspects of their day-to-day areas involving cash flow, finance and operations (C-F-O). This results in enhanced financial reporting and forecasting, unprecedented clarity and a strategy to meet the client’s goals.

“As a former banker, I love assisting small business owners achieve their dreams, providing an approach to increase their cash flow and ultimately the value of their business,” said Lesli Matukaitis, the most recent Detroit associate to join the company.

“We have found a sweet spot with companies that are typically entrepreneur-led, with annual sales ranging from $2-40 million. Many clients are in the $2-$6 million range when we start,” said Brad Martyn, Founder and CEO. “This gives entrepreneurs running small and medium sized businesses a level of internal CFO support they never envisioned they would have access to,” he added.

FocusCFO has more than 80 Area Presidents, CFOs and support staff serving over 200 clients throughout Ohio, northern Kentucky, western Pennsylvania and southeast Michigan. For more information, visit

About FocusCFO:
FocusCFO is a fractional CFO company dedicated to helping small to medium sized businesses achieve their company’s financial goals. Unlike other companies who bucket CFO Services in a menu of other business services, FocusCFO are experts in CFO Services. FocusCFO’s highly diverse and experienced CFOs become a part of a client’s senior management team, helping to manage three key business areas: increasing cash flow, reducing business risk and creating scalable growth. With more than 200 clients and more than 80 associates, FocusCFO supports small and medium size businesses and organizations throughout Ohio, western Pennsylvania, northern Kentucky and southeast Michigan.