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In the Press
Nov, 23

FocusCFO Launches in Wilmington, Offering Fractional CFO Expertise to Thriving Businesses


Wilmington, NC – Businesses in the Wilmington area, renowned as North Carolina's "Gateway to the Global Economy," can now access unparalleled financial expertise as FocusCFO, the nationwide leader in fractional CFO services, establishes its presence in the region. With the appointment of Area President Sage Hoare, a seasoned financial professional, FocusCFO is committed to empowering local businesses in this rapidly growing MSA, which saw a 25% increase between 2010 and 2020.

"We are excited to extend our financial guidance and support to the diverse and dynamic business community in Wilmington," said Hoare. "This region boasts a rich history of economic success and today boasts a reputation as a hub for global trade and innovation. Our fractional CFO services are designed to further equip businesses in this thriving landscape, helping them navigate financial complexities and achieve their full potential."

Sage Hoare: Championing Wilmington's Business Growth

Sage Hoare brings a wealth of financial acumen and leadership experience to the Wilmington market. Her proven track record in developing and executing successful financial strategies, combined with her passion for fostering collaborative environments, makes her an ideal advocate for Wilmington's businesses.

"I am deeply committed to supporting the small and medium-sized business community, which forms the backbone of Wilmington's economy," stated Hoare. "FocusCFO's model allows me to leverage my expertise and the collective knowledge of a nationwide network of CFOs to help Wilmington businesses overcome financial hurdles and achieve sustainable growth. Our goal is to become an integral partner in their journey towards success."

Fractional CFO Services: A Strategic Asset for Wilmington Businesses

FocusCFO offers clients the advantages of a full-time CFO on a flexible and cost-effective fractional basis. The CFO works collaboratively with the client, either onsite or remotely, on a recurring schedule that aligns with their specific needs and budget. This empowers business owners to concentrate on their core strengths while having a dedicated financial expert to guide them through critical decisions.

"Our fractional CFOs serve as strategic partners for businesses, helping them increase cash flow, mitigate risk, and create a roadmap for long-term growth," said Hoare. "Whether a business is facing specific financial challenges or seeking to optimize their overall financial performance, FocusCFO has the expertise and experience to provide tailored solutions."

FocusCFO: A Trusted Partner for SMB Success

FocusCFO, a leading provider of Fractional CFO services in the United States since 2001, serves small and medium-sized businesses across a wide array of industries. The company's expansion into Wilmington underscores its dedication to empowering businesses nationwide with the financial tools and insights they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

About FocusCFO

FocusCFO is the premier provider of embedded fractional CFO services in the U.S. With a team of seasoned CFOs and a proven history of success, FocusCFO helps businesses conquer financial obstacles, maximize performance, and achieve sustainable growth.