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Heidi Petersen

  • Marketing Coordinator

Heidi is the Marketing Coordinator for FocusCFO. Heidi is a passionate storyteller with a background of marketing and communication for small business, her love for the work driven by helping these businesses succeed. She is excited to continue to make an impact with small and medium-sized businesses through her work with FocusCFO.

Before FocusCFO

Heidi has worked in a variety of industries—from gummy vitamins to luxury textiles—helping to tell the stories of what made these small businesses so special.

    Other Interests

    • Favorite books: 'Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy' by Douglas Adams, ‘Dog Songs’ and ‘Why I Wake Early’ by Mary Oliver
    • Favorite vacation: Exploring the beautiful, ancient Portugese cities of Guimaraes and Porto or swimming with juvenile whale sharks in La Paz, Mexico
    • Favority activities: Walking by the ocean with my dog, or embroidering while binging Netflix

What attracted you
to FocusCFO?

Throughout my career, I have been lucky to work closely with many small business owners. I have seen, first-hand, the dedication and passion they bring to their work and the benefits that their businesses bring to the communities. As the marketing coordinator for FocusCFO, I have the opportunity to connect small business owners with the support they need.

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