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Summit Insights
Feb, 22

The Post-60 Career Path


Steven Hawking said, “work gives you meaning and purpose, and life is empty without it.” It’s no surprise, then, that there is an ongoing shift away from traditional retirement and towards late in life career paths that emphasize purpose.

Statistics indicate that workers 65 and older will account for more than 60% of projected labor force growth in this decade.

The question, as posed by this Wall Street Journal article, is what does this generation of workers want, and is the job market supplying it?

Fractional Careers Bring Flexibility and Meaning

This new influx of job seekers is looking for two things in particular: more meaningful and more flexible work. These workers have already put in their time working 60+ hour weeks and are looking to lose the unsustainable working conditions, while pursuing more of the work that they enjoy.

At FocusCFO, we have structured our CFO and Area President positions around these values. Our associates set their schedules, both in terms of the number of hours and in terms of their availability.

Our growing team cites the ability to make an impact as the driving force behind their passion with us. They leverage their years of experience knowledge to help small and medium-sized businesses build sustainable, transferrable business value.

Our CFOs choose their schedules, have control over their client roster, and can focus on the rewarding aspects of their work, which lets them write a new chapter in their careers, one that is less stressful.

Benefits of a Fractional CFO Role with FocusCFO

  • A stimulating work life, with less stress than traditional
  • More time to process, create, and mentor
  • Opportunity to work with purpose and make an impact with businesses in their community
  • Flexible schedules

This structure creates an opportunity for CFOs and business advisors who are looking to delay retirement, or who are looking for an alternative to the traditional corporate career. If this interests you, learn more about careers with FocusCFO.

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