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Summit Insights
Jan, 24

Navigating Economic Landscapes: How Economics Insights Empower Better Decision Making


At FocusCFO, we are committed to providing our associates with the best tools and resources to deliver exceptional financial insights and guidance to our clients. One such invaluable resource is our strategic partnership with ITR Economics. We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making, and that's why FocusCFO has partnered with ITR Economics to provide all of our associates, including accomplished leaders like associate Greg Gens, with access to ITR Economics' insights.

"Accurate data is our stock and trade. CFOs are supposed to be the people who bring facts to the team on a timely basis so they can make meaningful decisions and accurate ones based on the best information."


How Fractional CFOs Can Use Economic Insights to Help Clients Navigate Changing Economic Conditions

Greg shares how ITR Economics plays a pivotal role in helping him provide the best support possible to his clients, and how ITR Economics' Trends Report can help Fractional CFOs as they advise their clients. Greg emphasized the significance of ITR's comprehensive economic forecasts and analysis, highlighting how these insights empower our associates to offer strategic financial advice. This is particularly crucial when helping clients navigate economic uncertainties and make informed business decisions. "We've been able to match our business cycles with economic outlooks that ITR has discovered that there's alignment in," says Gens. "For instance, we had one client where we found that the PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) was a consistent, forward-looking precursor for sales. So, if you've got then something that's giving you an overall economic outlook and saying your business is going to be slow five months from now it gives you a great heads up. You then have the opportunity to sit down and start to talk about how to go get in front of that and determine how to work within the cycles, and to make sure we're thinking ahead."

"The forward-looking looking component of a CFO's job is what makes them really valuable, so being able to attach those concepts with what's going to be happening over the next few months is very powerful."

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