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Summit Insights
Apr, 20

Lukes Auto Service Testimonial



Mike Derringer and CFO Ed Chong worked with Luke's Auto Service to build a partnership that has enriched Luke's business.

“Ed has exceeded all of our expectations and has been an invaluable asset in our business. In the past year he helped us navigate through 66% growth from ’18-’19, a real estate purchase, covid19 loans, building renovations loans, improving our benefits including health insurance and retirement plan, and many other major moves.

The 2 things we love most about Ed:

1. He is an extremely sharp and shrewd businessman. He isn’t just an accounting wiz; he has also owned and operated successful businesses and ventures. He is extremely knowledgeable and wise in many areas and also knows the experts to contact if he isn’t sure. No one can make the very best decisions in business every time and hindsight is 20/20 but with Ed his foresight has been 20/20 in all of the dozens of areas he has guided us on! This has been such a relief for me to know that we’re in great hands with Ed in our corner. In Ed we trust ;-)

2. Ed genuinely cares about the success of our business and about us individually. Ed has become a friend, an advocate (actually referring many new customers to us!), and a key consultant in our business. He always goes the extra mile. He is personable and gracious while also being tenacious and relentless in helping us in so many areas! He has had the business insight to identify some of our biggest bottlenecks that we couldn’t see! And he has had the care and know-how to get in the trenches with us and help conquer those barriers! Ed, we’re so grateful for you!”

Luke Walker, Owner, Luke's Auto Service, Columbus, OH