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Aug, 21

FocusCFO Expands Presence to Indianapolis


Indiana News Release

FocusCFO Expands Presence to Indianapolis

Leading Fractional CFO Services Provider Now Serves 15 Metro Markets


Columbus, OH August 3, 2021 − FocusCFO announced today it has expanded into the Indianapolis Metro market, offering Fractional CFO Services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company has 20 years’ experience helping entrepreneurs with cash flow, business risk, and scalable growth and value. 

“I’m excited to have the privilege to serve small and medium sized businesses in the Indianapolis metro area and to be a part of the FocusCFO team, with its many accomplished professionals,” said Area President Gary DeThomas. “The business landscape is changing rapidly and today’s business owner must stay flexible and creative to be competitive and successful,” he added. 

Support is provided on a fractional basis, meaning clients get all the advantages of a full-time CFO on terms that are flexible and affordable, working exclusively onsite at the client’s office under a recurring schedule that fits within their budget. Typically, engagements are one to two days per week, but can vary. With a CFO in place, the business owner can then focus on what they do best; building products and services and growing the company. 

“This gives entrepreneurs running small and medium sized businesses a level of internal CFO support they never envisioned they would have access to,” said Brad Martyn, Founder and CEO. “We believe small business is the backbone of this nation’s economy and our entire team is focused on helping them grow and build value.” 

CFOs come with years of industry experience and are ready to apply best-practices to make an impact as a trusted member of the management team. Many have advanced training as a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) to also help business owners build value and prepare for an eventual business transition. 

 “It’s critical to have a strategic partner that can not only help build a plan for the future but assist with executing it”, continued DeThomas. “Our team of CFO’s are skilled and seasoned, and bring great passion to help small businesses in our community.” 

The company said plans include further expansion into the Carolinas and Georgia over the next two years. 

About FocusCFO:

Founded in 2001, FocusCFO is a leading onsite fractional CFO services provider, with more than 125 associates serving clients throughout Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. FocusCFO works closely with small to medium sized businesses, helping business owners gain control over three key financial and operational areas: increasing cash flow, reducing business risk, and creating a platform for scalable growth. This allows business owners to then realize full financial control and increased value in their business. What really sets Focus CFO apart is their CFOs work exclusively onsite at the client’s office under a recurring schedule. Generally, clients are in the $2 to 30 million revenue range when they initially engage with FocusCFO. 

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