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Summit Insights
Mar, 22

Flexi-Retirement: The Alternative to Traditional Retirement


Two-thirds of people set to start retirement this year do not expect to give up work completely, according to a report released this week by investment and wealth management company abrdn.

This is par for the course as ‘flexi-retirement’ emerges as an alternative to traditional retirement. A quarter (24%) of the retirement “Class of 2022” will go part-time with either the same job or a new one, 15% will continue to work for their own business, and 12% plan to become entrepreneurs.

“The days when everyone had a set date or a set age from which they’ll never work again are long gone. The emerging trend for ‘flexi-retirement’ for financial reasons, or just to keep busy, is here to stay,” said Colin Dyer, Client Director at abrdn.

Flexi-Retirement: The FocusCFO Way

Flexi-retirement is a rewarding option for professionals, at any age, who are looking to reclaim balance in their lives and find greater flexibility and meaning in the next stage of their career. 

At FocusCFO, we have structured our CFO and Area President positions around these values. Our associates ditch the long hours and unsustainable working conditions, by setting their schedules, both in terms of the number of hours and in terms of their availability.

They also pursue more of the work that they enjoy – more high-level strategy and less administrative – and leverage their years of experience knowledge to help small and medium-sized businesses build sustainable, transferrable business value.

Our CFOs choose their schedules, have control over their client roster, and can focus on the rewarding aspects of their work, which lets them write a new chapter in their careers, one that is less stressful and more meaningful.

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Wondering if transitioning to a fractional CFO role is the right ‘flexi-retirement’ role for you? Read about John Voglpohl’s experience as a CFO with FocusCFO: “Your valued skill set is strategic vision, problem solving, crisis averting, seeing the future, explaining dynamics of a business, especially financially, and sometimes simple coaching. READ THIS: Gray hair valued!!