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Summit Insights
Oct, 21

Consumer’s Bank Testimonial


We love being part of a diverse partner community and working collaboratively to help small and mid-sized businesses build valuable businesses.

We partnered with Consumers National Bank to help one of their lending clients improve their financial and operational health.

“FocusCFO helped guide one of my lending clients during a time of significant decline in their business due to unforeseen drop in the demand of the industry they operate in. The FocusCFO team of Jim Rowlands and Jeff Semple provided financial guidance and professional management to this company with their hands-on approach, helping improve internal processes and cost management, resulting in improved financial and operating results that ultimately helped retire debt quicker. FocusCFO also helped improve communication and improved the client’s relationship with the Bank. I would highly recommend the FocusCFO team of experienced professionals to any business looking to maximize efficiency and profitability, and increase transferable value.”

Scott Lawrence, Vice President, Consumers National Bank, East Canton, OH