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Summit Insights
Mar, 23

Conquering Columbus Podcast


How Financial Planning Can Build Value for Your Business

FocusCFO Founder Brad Martyn sat down with Conquering Columbus for a conversation about how sound financial planning can build value for your business, when to bring in a CFO (or a fractional CFO), and much more. Tune in to the podcast now.

"If you feel trapped inside your business, it may be worth considering bringing in a CFO. As entrepreneurs, we start our businesses with a passion. But if you no longer enjoy what you're doing and it doesn't align with your original vision and the difference you wanted to make, it's time to build a leadership team that enables you to refocus on what you love and what adds the most value to your business"

Brad Martyn, Founder, FocusCFO


Brad Martyn is the founder of FocusCFO and an acting Area President, working to bring Fractional CFO services to small and medium-sized businesses in Columbus Metro and surrounding areas.

Conquering Columbus is a podcast covering the stories of those throughout the city that are doing extraordinary things in business, science, athletics, and more!