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  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Production & Operations
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  • Strategic Financial Planning
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  • Revenue
  • Operating Rhythm
  • Succession or Exit Planning
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Climb the

We help entrepreneurs on the climb to sustainable, transferable business value
Founded in 2001, FocusCFO is a leader in Fractional CFO services.
1,100+ CLIENTS

Guided to date, on their climb to sustainable, transferrable value.


What's more important than where your business has been? ...Where it's going.

To chart a path to the summit, to maximize the value of your business, you need a true CFO who matches your strategy with your numbers and develops the forward-looking financial roadmap for your business. 

You're climbing the mountain. We're here to guide you, every step of the way.  


As a business owner, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced on your journey to reach new heights?

STUCK working in the day-to-day operations of my business, not on growing the business and making it better

How do you expand your field of vision beyond day-to-day operations? We built FocusCFO to offer a solution. Our fractional CFOs embed themselves in your business and develop financial strategies and roadmaps to guide you and your company up the mountain of success. You get out of the weeds, and, in the process, you position your business for health, growth, and value. 


WORRIED I don’t have a team with the experience to help scale up the business

If success is the peak of your mountain pinnacle, scalable growth is what gets you to the top. And just like climbing a mountain, growth is challenging, a process fraught with unknowns. You need a team of Sherpas — seasoned financial executives who can make the climb with you and help you chart a path to the top. It still won't be easy, but you'll have support and guidance from those who have been there already. . 


DISAPPOINTED with the lack forward-looking strategic support in my business

CPAs, controllers, and bookkeepers play important roles in a business. But their function is to look back in time to report where you've been, not to chart a path to where you're going. For that, you need a seasoned financial executive who can match your numbers with your strategy;analyze your business and chart a path forward,  to not only strengthen your foundation and build a healthy business, but also grow and create transferable business value. Having a CFO to help you articulate your strategy to stakeholders - from bankers, to potential investors, and even employees - can make sure everyone is on the same page and committed to the business strategy.


FRUSTRATED I don't have the right information to make important decisions about the business

What you don't know can hurt you - especially in business. The most successful entrepreneurs and leaders use this as an opportunity to ask for help. At FocusCFO, we embed ourselves with your leadership team, helping you filter out the noise, understand what metrics matter, and chart a path for the future. It's a proven process that produces maximum impact.


CONCERNED that my business will not deliver the value I need for my future

Do you know your wealth gap – the difference between what you need your business to be worth to fund your future goals and how much you would net if you sold today? Knowing your wealth gap is the first step in achieving your personal financial goals. Next, it's about building value in your business to secure your future financial success. 


STRUGGLING to pay for the present while planning for the future

Cash flow is what keeps your lights on, your employees paid and your company moving forward, and yet it is one of the most challenging financial elements to plan for. FocusCFO can help. Our fractional CFO consultants have decades of experience navigating these challenges and can build models and strategies to chart your path to health, growth, and value. 


ANTICIPATING exiting my business through succession or sale.

Whether your goal is to remain in the business for years to come, or some sort of near or mid-term transition, building a business with real, sustainable, and transferrable value will make the business stronger and open up your options for what comes next.

The Climb to Value

As one of the country's leading providers of fractional CFO services, our associates bring decades of experience and can build models and strategies to chart your path to health, growth, and value. Our proven process leads to maximum impact. 



The “basecamp” for your climb to greater value. We will focus on your foundational accounting systems, internal processes and policies, and cash flow forecasting to “supply” your journey to the summit. 



Before we ascend to higher altitudes, we work with your team to address the operational side of the business, creating a “DNA Operating Model” for your business, a living ‘dashboard’ that informs your team on how to use financial information to analyze and improve operational health. 



From the outset we work with you on the process of goal setting, benchmarking, strategic planning, de-risking, and revenue enhancement as drivers of value growth.  



Our mission is to guide the process of creating sustainable, transferable value with each business client. This spells success for organizations and expands  the strategic options available to the business and owner. 


They found the fun again. You can too.

Brownie Points Inc.

Lisa King, President

Agile Networks

Kyle Quillen, Founder & CEO

Ability Matters

Kristyn Butler, CEO

Junior Achievement

Mike Davis, President Ohio Division
"If you’re struggling with how you can take your organization to a different level, a quality CFO is essential as you evaluate what you’re doing and planning what you need to do."
Mike Davis, President of Junior Achievement
"I think FocusCFO is the most brilliant concept. It allows small businesses to grow in the best way; we get the best of the best at an affordable price and we are so grateful."
Lisa King, Founder, Brownie Points
"In the 10+ years working with FocusCFO, we’ve never had a question about where we stand day-to-day. It takes a big load off our minds at the management level not to have to worry about that, and the value is tremendous. The revenue of our organization has quadrupled."
Zink Foodservice Group
"We needed to know exactly what the numbers were telling us, to be able to make quicker decisions. To stay abreast of the industry, we needed someone to come in and give us information to keep us up to speed.
The benefit of FocusCFO is worth the cost, to give us information we never had before."
Doug Hartley, President ofThe Hartley Company
"FocusCFO Partnered with our board and staff leadership to analyze our finances proactively. Our fractional CFO assisted with building transparent reports so we have the tools we need to track our financial well-being and plan accordingly. FocusCFO is cost-effective and worth the investment. "
Amy Rohling McGee, President of The Health Policy Institute of Ohio
"Working with Focus CFO was a great experience for Thomas Door Controls. They assisted us with implementing some cost-saving strategies that we will use for the long-term growth of our company and our CFO brought both an analytical and creative viewpoint, which is a tremendous asset in a consultant. "
Scott Thomas, Owner of Thomas Door Controls, Inc.
"FocusCFO has helped us grow the business by giving us a really clear understanding of where we are from a financial productive. They have helped us streamline the way we look at our cash flow analysis: what we can do, what we can't do, what we should do, and what we shouldn't do. That objectivity has really helped us grow."
Kyle Quillen, Founder & CEO of Agile Networks
"The question we always go back to is, 'What do we keep doing, what do we need to start doing, and what do we need to stop doing,' and that has been a really effective way to run the business. Our fractional CFO is amazing at helping us guide the business in that capacity."
Kristen Butler, CEO of Ability Matters
"Everyone we have met in FocusCFO has truly had the same vision and mission of helping businesses, helping individuals, and helping lives. I think that is what makes them stand apart from other business or consulting firms."
Kristen Butler, CEO of Ability Matters

"One thing I will tell any business owner is you have to be able to recognize that you do not know everything and, more importantly, you have to surround yourself with people who know more than you do so you can grow and be successful.

The problem we had is that how do you afford a CFO of the caliber that you want that can perform in the capacity that you need."

Lisa King, Founder of Brownie Points

Chart your next chapter.

Join the most experienced network of financial executives in the country.
The secret to success in business (and in life) is surrounding yourself with good people. At FocusCFO, we have built a large and growing team of seasoned financial and business professionals across the country committed to guiding owners and entrepreneurs on their path to success.

Financial freedom starts with a simple conversation.

Let’s start with a conversation about your challenges and vision to see if we are a fit for each other.
A complimentary half-day assessment: A CFO will sit down with you to explore further, assess fit and need, and chart a path forward.
Let's get to work: your CFO will work closely with you and your team to set priorities, deliverables, and execute the plan.
Reach new heights⁠—with a trusted guide at your side, climbing to greater health, growth, and value.