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Trusted Nonprofit CFO Services

For small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations, keeping operating expenses low is a must. Yet, achieving your mission while charting a course for growth requires specific financial expertise that might seem out of your reach.  

With FocusCFO, you can afford to bring an experienced, senior-level CFO on board to help you achieve—and exceed—your goals.

Take your mission to the next level.

As a nonprofit executive, your work involves everything from raising funds to providing services to your constituents and making a difference in your community. You know that handling finances and satisfying reporting requirements can be extremely time-consuming for board members or executive directors to handle on their own. You also know how important it is to keep your operating expenses low. 

You want to work toward achieving your mission rather than focusing on the details of the business.

You can't see the path to the top if you're only looking down. One of the biggest challenges of running a business is determining how to expand your field of vision beyond day-to-day operations.  

We built FocusCFO to offer a solution. Our fractional CFOs immerse themselves in your business and develop financial strategies and roadmaps to guide you and your organization up the mountain of success. You get out of the weeds, and in the process, you position your organization for health, growth and value. 

You’re frustrated with the lack of information to make important decisions about the organization. 

What you don't know can hurt your business. There comes a time in the growth of every business when what you don't know becomes a threat to your survival. The most successful leaders use those moments to ask for help. They source the right people with the right expertise and fill the gaps. 

At FocusCFO, that's what we do. We embed ourselves with our clients to become an extension of your leadership team, helping you filter out the noise, understand what metrics matter and chart a path for the future. 

What’s more important than where your nonprofit has been? Where it’s going.  

CPAs, controllers and bookkeepers play important roles in a business. But their job is to look back in time to where you've been, not to chart a path to where you're going. For that, you need a seasoned financial executive who can analyze your business and strategize a plan to not only strengthen your foundation and build a healthy business, but also to grow and create transferrable business value. You're climbing the mountain. We're here to guide you, every step of the way. 

Chart your next chapter.  

At FocusCFO, we offer seasoned financial executives to guide your path to success—on your time. You control your future. You make an impact, and we're here to help, providing you with a proven process to make an impact and support your success. 

FocusCFO—one of the country's leading providers of fractional CFO services—will help you gain financial control over your nonprofit organization, so you have the freedom to do what you do best.  

When FocusCFO becomes part of your team, a dedicated, senior-level CFO will offer financial solutions to help manage your work and your organization more efficiently. Our embedded CFO can apply proven financial principles to your nonprofit business model, while helping you streamline critical reporting and operations functions. 

Our associates bring decades of experience to your team. They understand the unique financial requirements of nonprofit organizations and can identify the strategies that will help you chart your path to health, growth, and maximum impact. With a part-time CFO on your team, you’ll have access to a key strategic resource—a seasoned executive who can provide not only expert advice and counsel but who works at your side to drive the business toward maximum impact. 

You’ll be able to make good financial decisions based on solid operational and financial information. You’ll be able, finally, to focus on achieving your mission instead of on the nuts and bolts of your organization.


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