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Sandy Vereb

  • CFO
  • Columbus Metro

Sanford is a C-Level executive with extensive experience in business management, finance, and corporate leadership, working with business partners, legal counsel, and financial institutions. For the past five years, he served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) responsible for all operating activities and business support in the Americas for a global manufacturer of carbon/graphene products.

Before FocusCFO

Sandy held the position of CFO of the Americas for a global manufacturer of single-wall carbon nanotubes.

Areas of expertise include financial operations and systems; financial statement presentation and reporting; treasury and cash-flow; human resources; supply chain management; profitability and analytics; contract negotiation and strategic alliances; and communications.

    Other Interests

    • What was your favorite vacation? Traveled to Italy with my wife and 2 children
    • What is your favorite movie?  Casablanca
    • What are you passionate about? I enjoy road biking (bicycle), reading & travel

What attracted you
to FocusCFO?

After spending some time contemplating retirement, I came to the conclusion that I still had the desire to work but not five days a week. FocusCFO provided me with the work/life balance I was looking for. In addition, it provided the opportunity to collaborate with a large group of CFOs and utilize the extensive resources provided to associates.

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