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  • Cash Flow Processes
  • Advisor Coordination
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Production & Operations
  • Banking & Capital
  • Strategic Financial Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Revenue
  • Operating Rhythm
  • Succession or Exit Planning
  • Readiness & Attractiveness
  • Price/Multiple

Richard Burns

  • CFO
  • Northeast Ohio

Richard has more than 30 years of executive management and leadership experience Management expertise in sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, technology, finance, strategic planning, organizational development and quality assurance. He has worked with thousands of customers across many industries including industrial, electrical, automotive, consumer and medical markets. Richard and his wife Donna live in Brecksville, Ohio.

Before FocusCFO

Richard previously worked as a President, General Manager, COO, VP Sales & Marketing and other senior level positions in private and public traded environments with International Services Inc., PolyOne, MesoCoat Inc, and LNP Engineering Plastics Inc. Richard received a MS degree in Engineering Management at Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a BS degree in Plastics Engineering at Lowell Technological Institute in Lowell, MA

    Other Interests

    • Spending time:  Reading, Golf, Skiing, Exercising and being with Family
    • Favorite book:  Lonesome Dove
    • Favorite movie:  Braveheart
    • Favorite vacation:  Travelling throughout Italy

What attracted you
to FocusCFO?

I have worked with small to medium sized companies ($1M-$10M) in the Consulting Industry for the past few years, helping to improve their financial performance. The model was a single client engagement that would end after a few months. I truly enjoyed becoming part of my client’s management team but felt a sense of loss when the engagement ended. The FocusCFO model I find to be a better model, where we become part of our client’s management team on an ongoing basis. The ability to help clients improve their company’s financial performance on an ongoing basis, over a number of years, I expect will be much more personally rewarding. In this regard, the FocusCFO model is much more likely to ensure our client’s long term success.

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Richard Burns