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Joe Operacz

  • CFO

Joe has 40 years of operational and finance experience garnered in efforts in the service, manufacturing, construction, retail and health care industries. Much of this time was spent with small business owners, providing unique insight with that industry leaders in that part of the economy.

Before FocusCFO

Before Focus CFO, Joe's career was mainly spent collaborating with both sole proprietors and family-owned business owners operating small and medium sized enterprises, many with sales of $10 - 50 million annually. Focuses included stabilizing operations, growing through mergers and acquisitions, sales of operating divisions, and understanding what exit opportunities exist.

    Other Interests

    • Who/what is your favorite musical artist/or song?  Frank Sinatra is always on in my car, at home, and on my laptop (where appropriate.) New York, New York starts my day every day.
    • Something most people don't know about you?  If I would not have chosen the career path for accounting and finance, I would have been a meteorologist....either way, trying to assist others weather the conditions.
    • What is your favorite movie?  The Shawshank Redemption holds many lessons that can be applied to business in particular and life in general. These include "where there is a will, there is a way;" life is not always fair, perseverance pays off, sometimes it is necessary to "think outside the box;" helping others leads to helping yourself, and lifelong friendships are invaluable.

What attracted you
to FocusCFO?

Focus CFO offers an opportunity for me to continue to live out a calling that was fostered from my days in high school: Men for others. The satisfaction provided through this service, while learning about how various businesses work, is very gratifying.

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