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Jeff Smart

  • Area President
  • Metro Atlanta

Jeff is a seasoned entrepreneur, business development, sales and sales management leader. Jeff has been successful in diverse industries: insurance and financial services, technology, and healthcare. He has authored and executed a successful business and sales plan for a start-up, culminating in a strategic sale to a $150B worldwide healthcare service organization, developed a sales force, generated a succession plan, and has been an integral participant in fostering collegial, collaborative corporate cultures

Before FocusCFO

Prior to joining FocusCFO, Jeff worked passionately for many organizations always with the goal to contribute by improving the value proposition, documenting bottom line success, and fostering a healthy communicative working environment

    Other Interests

    • What was your favorite vacation? My favorite vacation is always the next one
    • What are you passionate about?  The diversity and depth of my interpersonal relationships: kids/family, childhood and college friends, and those who continue to influence my professional and spiritual growth
    • What is your favorite book?  Not 1 favorite: Grant, The Guns of August, Team of Rivals, and In the Heart of the Sea

What attracted you
to FocusCFO?

The opportunity to work closely with fellow entrepreneurs to discuss their goals and aspirations while imparting meaningful experiences and partnering to assist them in meeting/exceeding their primary business objectives.

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