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Summit Insights
Aug, 23

Welcome Charles Williams


Charles Williams has joined the FocusCFO team in the Nashville Metro Area, and will be providing Fractional CFO services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Charles brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to FocusCFO, with extensive experience in national and international finance, development, accounting, operations, administration, and information systems. With wide-ranging multi-industry experience, his special focus lies in the healthcare sector, extending from manufacturing and distribution to services such as hospitals, ancillary sites, physician practices, and managed care. Beyond healthcare, Charles' professional journey has seen him contributing to sectors as diverse as consulting, web-based software development, and retail. Leveraging these experiences, he possesses a holistic understanding of operational challenges and opportunities; Charles is ready to employ innovative solutions and strategic management for business growth in his role as a Fractional CFO.

What attracted you to FocusCFO?

"I like to grow things and FocusCFO attracts clients who are looking for help in the areas where I think I can be a great benefit. The support model perfectly fits my stage in life and career."